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There’s been much excitement (&chaos) since finding out we get to go trek the trails of Torres Del Paine!!!

Khang’s had the fortunate opportunity to travel for work this past year. And when I say “travel”. I mean serious traveling. The experience has been wonderful for him, but disappointing for me because I couldn’t tag along with.

Until now.

We love exploring new lands. It’s one of my favorite things about us.

So the area we’re exploring is basically like the Grand Canyon of Chile.

Popularly known as P A T A G O N I A.

Once his boss confirmed he had to go back to Santiago for work (last Thursday), we researched and booked all our flights and accommodations within 10 hours. Whew.

Unfortunately, we won’t be camping the whole way as originally anticipated and not hiking the entire “W-Trek” because some places completely booked out-it’s peak season right now.

Regardless, we’re still super excited about our 5-night/6-day trekking adventure.

Wifi will be limited. Heck, even electric outlets will be nonexistent, but you can bet that I’ll be capturing all the beauty of the Andes and blogging about it when we get back. I promise.

So it’ll be quiet around here for almost 2 weeks.

Till then, here’s how I did that cool watercolor lettering above^

Two words: Masking Liquid

I used Molotow, but I’m sure there are other good brands too. Still can’t believe I waited 3 months to test it out. Already thinking of different ways to use it!

Step One: Shake pen well before using. Draw your design. Of course, it doesn’t have to be letters.

Step two: Wait to dry (doesn’t take long) and paint/color over design. I chose watercolor paint.

Step Three: Wait for paint to completely dry.

Step Four: Rub away. I tried to peel it at first. Faaaaail.


Oh Patagonia, The Phams are coming. Get ready.

EEEK! I can hardly contain myself.

Thanks for reading and following along,

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