Life in film: Grayton

I was able to find a little time to shoot with Hans during our camping trip to Grayton a few weeks ago. 

And I’m glad I did.

 Got some good shots of good people in one of my favorite seaside towns. 

Shot with Fuji400, but I asked the film to be scanned with Noritsu instead of Frontier. 

I was going for a more “light and airy” look. 

This explains the difference between the two scanners better than I can.

Can’t believe this stud is mine.& then there were these two. 

Mat and Nles.

So effortless. 

I told them just to act normal and do whatever.

They really did fall asleep on that hammock together. 

Thanks for letting me practice on y’all!

I really love capturing love.

Just wish I could get my scans back faster. Ha. 

Thanks for reading and following along

with me,


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2 thoughts on “Life in film: Grayton”

  1. I love these pictures! So many special moments get lost without someone to document them. Thank you so much for capturing me and Mat’s moment! 📷💛

    1. Nles! It means so much to me that you and Mat love your photos! Warms my heart that you’ll be able to look back on them as good memories:)

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