Helping Hands Kickoff!

Have you ever felt so passionate about something that you kept it away from others and held it close to your heart?

Some of you might know that I’ve had a blog for over 2.5 years now. You might also know if you searched around that at one point I had a separate page within the blog called “Helping Hands”, which was created 2 months after I started WithJules in November 2016, but I removed it from being public after sometime.

Well I’m ready to tell the truth and real purpose of my blog.

It was and has always been my dream to use my blog as a platform to showcase my crafting talents in order to raise proceeds for charities that I really care about.

For awhile, the goal was to raise enough funds to go on another mission trip. But it just hasn’t been the right time (many times). And well, I’m tired of waiting for the “right moment”.

So today, I’m announcing my first fundraiser for a non-profit organization that I’ve supported for a long time called Global Dental Relief. They provide free dental care to children all over the world. To be completely transparent, all donations will be made directly through their website.

I’m starting “Helping Hands” with this embroidery project that I truly fell in love with and is inspired by my childhood growing up in the MS Gulf Coast.

If you donate at least $85, then I will make you your very own embroidery hoop like the one pictured (frame not included)! Plus $15 directly sent to me for materials and shipping.

This would be a wonderful gift for a true Gulf Coaster, embroidery lover, nursery decor, or someone wanting that southern charm in their home or space. I seriously can’t help but smile when I look at it.

And because I love how custom it is, I’m allowing ONE LETTER CHANGE to make it more personal for the person receiving theirs.

If you are interested about being part of something special to not only me but others as well, please directly message me to get started or go straight here for more information!

I’m only making a limited amount of hoops since each one takes many hours of love to create. Secure yours today!

Happy FriYAY, y’all!

Flashback to my first dental mission trip to Belize in 2014, which sparked everything! Look at those sweet faces.

I also spy Khang in the background!

7 thoughts on “Helping Hands Kickoff!”

  1. JuJu, I definitely want to help !! If I can’t get hooked up with there website (you know how NON electronically inclined I am!!🤪). I will text you!!
    Also, I would love to go on a mission trip like that and I know Dr. Brooksher would, too.
    I will tell him about this on Monday.
    Dr. B is putting my implants in today—wish me god luck!
    Love you,

    1. Oh my goodness! Us three on a mission trip?! That would be awesome! Thank you so much for your interest! You know how to find me haha but get lots of rest especially with those implants. You’re in good hands though 🙂

  2. This makes my heart so happy! For you to be able to show your brilliant crafting talent to helping the world, you never cease to amaze me! This brings back memories to us doing something similar in your name for your bridal shower and I couldn’t have been more emotional about your reaction! I cannot wait to be a part of this with you! ❤️😘

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