Travelwithjules: Patagonia [Day Two]

The morning of [Day Two] was cloudy with drizzling rain on-and-off.

But that didn’t stop us.

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Glacier Grey.

Pictures just don’t do justice.

Even at this distance, in person, it looked massive and majestic.

At this outlook, we saw a spot on a rock for a closer view of Glacier Grey and an iceberg.

The only things in our way were these huge rock formations that we had to climb up and down over.

First time seeing a glacier.

First time seeing a rainbow on top of a glacier.

Windyyy. . .

Rainyyy. . .

On top of these rock formations were stacks of rocks placed by other people. I guess it was a way of leaving their “mark”.

So we left ours too.

We decided to get closer to Glacier Grey so onward we went for about 4 miles to another outlook. The incline was around 1,315 feet.

I should mention my thighs were loving me during this entire trip.

The closest we got to Glacier Grey!

Perfect timing for a picnic lunch with a “glacier view”.

We headed back down to Camp Grey after lunch and getting our full of Glacier Grey.

I thought it would be boring backtracking on the same trail, but I was pleasantly surprised.

It was like a whole new trail.

I was so focused on getting to the top while hiking “up” that I didn’t really notice my surrounding.

So as we hiked “down”… it was an eye-opener.

The terrain was beautiful. So green. Kind of had that “Lord of the Rings” forest feel.

Filling up our bottle with water from one of many streams.

We purchased a brand-spanking new water micro-filter just for the trip.

Never used it. No need to. Purest of water.

Notice the haziness on top of the mountains from the cloudy weather.

View from the porch.

After a hot shower, we took a nice long nap.

View from top bunk.

I woke up and saw that the weather cleared up! 

The weather in Patagonia is extremely bipolar due to the high elevation and strong winds.

Real life example: Cloudy, sun, rain, sun, sleet, rain, and sun–all in one day.

This was the campsite area for Camp Grey! Just beautiful.

Notice the absence of “haziness” on top of the mountains compared to before. 

Timing is everything in Patagonia.

I hope y’all are enjoying our days so far.

Like I said yesterday, didn’t get too many pictures. Please feel free to ask questions if you’re wondering anything.

Thanks for reading and following along,

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Travelwithjules: Patagonia [Day One]


So so much to share.

To keep it real simple, we’ll try a day at a time and without explaining every little detail because it’ll just be confusing. The highlights and moments worth mentioning. To me at least. I mean it took us 3 plane rides, 3 bus rides, and 1 ferry just to get us to where we needed to start our first official hike haha

I’m hoping the pictures will tell our adventure. However, I’m disappointed in myself because I didn’t take photos of everything. The weather conditions were at times really harsh including wind so strong that it knocked me off my feet. There were also times when I just needed to conserve my energy to make it to the top of a hill.

Khang did take video, but it’ll be awhile till he’ll be able to get it all together.

Like I mentioned before, we embarked on a mission to trek the Patagonia mountains in Torres del Paine.

We definitely weren’t prepared. Ha. It was so intense. The most physically challenging experience in my life. But more rewarding than I could ever imagine. The breathtaking views were worth it. All of it. More on that later.

All photos were take with my iPhone 6 or Nikon D3200.

Okay, here we go!

The night before heading to Torres del Paine, we stayed in a small quaint town called Puerto Natales at a hostel. It’s not a fancy place, but friendly people and warm spaces.

Our first view at the Welcome Center of Torres del Paine.

The next few photos are during our bus ride to Laguna Armaga, where we would wait for a ferry.

Even though it was cold and windy, we rushed to the top of the ferry to catch the best views of Lake Pehoé.

We started our first hike from Camp Paine Grande to Camp Grey, which was about 7 miles. We also couldn’t buy food at Camp PG so we hiked the entire way on empty stomachs. My people know about “Hangry Jules”. Luckily we packed trail snacks-morale was low especially since we were eating our emergency stash on the very first day…

The first of many many breaks.

It’s kind of hard to tell now, but in the background is Glacier Grey.

I’m always holding Khang’s face in my hands. Finally captured it.

We each carried ONE BACKPACK with us. It contained mostly our clothes. We decided to go the “easy route” and bought “full board” at each refugio (campsite) so we didn’t have to worry about carrying/cooking food or carrying tent supplies.

Shout out to Emily (yes, that same Emily) for letting me borrow her Osprey backpack. It was a lifesaver. I’m planning to purchase one for myself.

Mountains in-focus.

Mountains out-of-focus.

Fields of flowers. Le sigh. Didn’t see them anywhere else than along the trails to Glacier Grey.

I tried to take as many photos of the trails as possible to show the different types of terrain we dealt with. 

I cannot explain my relief when we finally saw Camp Grey!

We shared a room with another couple, who were really nice once they warmed up to us. This was the view from our window.

Needless to say, I slept very well that night on the top bunk.

And I needed all the rest I could get for Day Two’s hike to Glacier Grey.

Thanks for reading and following along,

with me


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Travelwithjules: Chile

There’s been much excitement (&chaos) since finding out we get to go trek the trails of Torres Del Paine!!!

Khang’s had the fortunate opportunity to travel for work this past year. And when I say “travel”. I mean serious traveling. The experience has been wonderful for him, but disappointing for me because I couldn’t tag along with.

Until now.

We love exploring new lands. It’s one of my favorite things about us.

So the area we’re exploring is basically like the Grand Canyon of Chile.

Popularly known as P A T A G O N I A.

Once his boss confirmed he had to go back to Santiago for work (last Thursday), we researched and booked all our flights and accommodations within 10 hours. Whew.

Unfortunately, we won’t be camping the whole way as originally anticipated and not hiking the entire “W-Trek” because some places completely booked out-it’s peak season right now.

Regardless, we’re still super excited about our 5-night/6-day trekking adventure.

Wifi will be limited. Heck, even electric outlets will be nonexistent, but you can bet that I’ll be capturing all the beauty of the Andes and blogging about it when we get back. I promise.

So it’ll be quiet around here for almost 2 weeks.

Till then, here’s how I did that cool watercolor lettering above^

Two words: Masking Liquid

I used Molotow, but I’m sure there are other good brands too. Still can’t believe I waited 3 months to test it out. Already thinking of different ways to use it!

Step One: Shake pen well before using. Draw your design. Of course, it doesn’t have to be letters.

Step two: Wait to dry (doesn’t take long) and paint/color over design. I chose watercolor paint.

Step Three: Wait for paint to completely dry.

Step Four: Rub away. I tried to peel it at first. Faaaaail.


Oh Patagonia, The Phams are coming. Get ready.

EEEK! I can hardly contain myself.

Thanks for reading and following along,

with me


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