Lifewithjules: Looking back on 2016


As I was gathering up photos over the past year, I quickly realized there was no way I’d be able to post all of my memories with all my loved ones in 2016. Just too many favorites. So I decided to share only the ones of me, which were scarce since I was not alone during most of these adventures.

They show some of my highlights: Running my 4th half marathon, soaking up the sun in Miami and San Diego with my sweet sisters and friends, exploring breathtaking Switzerland and Italy, starting my little garden, SNAGGING MYSELF A HOT HUSBAND, and… launching WithJules!

These were big moments, but to be honest, every single damn day in 2016 was a good day. There were a few sad days when Khang was traveling for business, but my heart felt full.

“Living life to the fullest” rang true for the entire year and that’s why I’ll always remember twenty sixteen.

Channeling the positive vibes of 2016 is what I’ve been doing to motivate myself into starting 2017 off in the right direction. Praying my little heart can handle my plans for this Year of the Rooster.

One last thing to address: I have no intentions of changing careers.

Several people have asked since starting WithJules if I’m trying to become a professional blogger, photographer, calligrapher, wedding planner, and even gardener? Say Whaaa?!

Y’all have been nothing short of supportive and encouraging of what I’ve been sharing on here. I truly don’t know where she will take me… and I really love that part about all of this.

To be clear, I immensely enjoy being a dental hygienist.

[along with crafting the crap out of my hands]

Please understand I feel being a dental hygienist does not limit me on just one skill for the rest of my life. My profession doesn’t define my life.

I do.

And what I do during my lifetime is what’s important to me; it’s my passion.

I strive to live.

I have this intense desire to explore and feel as if I’m just getting started in discovering what life has to offer.

These are exciting times while I’m crafting this beautiful life of mine.

And I hope y’all have been enjoying the view so far,

along with me


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