Spring Magic

If you were following along from the start of Spring then you know all about my little greenies getting started in peat pots.

The day their little leaves sprouted, I was elated with joy and pride.

I know I know…wait till Khang and I start having children. Ha.

Left to right: bush beans, Chinese cabbage, and bok choi.

Here’s a time-lapse of how the garden has been growing over the span of 5 weeks:

Day One-Transplant Day!

Week 1Week 2week 3Week 4
Week 5-I came back from a weekend camping trip and couldn’t believe my eyes! Look how huge my zucchini are-front right. 

Here’s a close up of my growing bush beans: we harvested them yesterday!

All 7 of them haha

They have small lavender flowers!

I got so excited when I saw flowers because that meant fruit was coming 🙂 

I think the way the cucumber vines curl and twirl are so adorable. 

The wire-support system is call “trellises”. And boy did they start climbing quickly…Baby cucumber! Our first one. Now we have so many! Hope they reach full-growth. 
Same zucchini leaf-taken only 10 days apart! 

[gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="1786,1787"]

Every morning since April 24, I’ve been greeted with new zucchini bloosoms.

You can’t help but smile when looking at them. Shortly after a few days, I found some that fell to the ground. I was so sad until I did more research on it. 

I’ll explain more later when I blog about cooking with these beautiful and apparently delicious blossoms. 

And we finally have baby zucchini!!!My first (literally) handful of Spring crop: lettuce, chives, and beans. 
It’s magic y’all.

And I feel so lucky and proud that I get to witness it all in my backyard. 
Thanks for reading and following along

with me,


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