Feels like she was just three yesterday.

I knew it was coming. Khang knew it was coming.

We all knew.

But that doesn’t mean we would be ready.

Phuong Cecilia Pham is officially a senior!!! *Squeals 

She was three when Khang and I first starting “talking”. And I still remember that cool February night when I officially met her.

Khang used her to spray silly string at me during the Vietnamese New Year festival to catch my attention.

I mean he already had it, but his super adorable sister didn’t hurt.

Fast forward to that July, Phuong was sitting right between Khang and I in the back seat while his oldest sister, Kim, drove us on our one-month anniversary date at Al Fresco’s in Ocean Springs. She somehow managed again to sneak between us as we held her hands walking into the restaurant.

I could go on and on… especially during those early years.

But I’ll spare you the stories from the past 13 years. 

Except with one more of my latest conversation with her. Somehow we ended up talking for a few hours about everything and nothing like friends, college, dating and such.

I won’t go into details but later on that evening, I told Khang that we didn’t need to worry about Phuong anymore,”She has a good head on her shoulders.”

And I meant it.

She gave mature and very thoughtful opinions during our little talk and it honestly took me by surprise.

I’m so proud of the beautiful, smart, funny, and caring person she has become. 

Stopping there because I’m tearing up already. Blahhhh.

Sooo we lucked out with the opportunity to take senior portraits in Washington DC and San Diego! Yep, this is the West & East Coast Edition.

The Gulf Coast Edition coming soon when she walks across that stage in May! 

I stopped many times to tell her just how pretty she looked. I mean c’mon!!!

What a fun end to our sessions in Sunny San Diego!

And because I’m feeling very nostalgic. A photo of us at my senior prom circa 2008.


Um yeahs, I’m not going to do this yet…my eyes are swelling up already. I love you very much. 



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