Update: Helping Hands-1st Edition


What a wonderful and long journey it has been with my Helping Hands 1st Edition embroidery hoop fundraiser!

So many thoughts and emotions from start to end.

And even now as I’m updating y’all, it’s all coming back to me after finishing up 6 months ago.

I still remember my anxiety, nerves, and doubts before sharing the kickoff. I was so so scared it would not be well-received or people would somehow lash out and just hate Helping Hands, its message, and me

But the feeling I remember most and what kept me going was the very first person who reached out to me about getting involved: Kristina

She didn’t know it at the time, but I was so overwhelmed with gratitude and love that this basically stranger wanted to be part of something so dear to me. 

I guess in a way it was like validation that okay this is as good as you think it is in your heart and people see it too.

And before I knew it, all 10 hoops were reserved!

Then came the real work.

I mean look at how precious they came out to be! La la loved each person’s

“1 letter change”.

It took a much longer than I intended and even longer to send these babies to their forever homes due to COVID-19.

But just as rewarding if not more to see and hear how much each person loved their custom embroidery hoop!

I sent each hoop with a personal letter but I want to publicly declare my love and utmost gratitude to the 9 beautiful human beings (you know who you are!) for believing in me, in my mission, your absolute patience, your donation, but most importantly your giving hearts because y’all were able to collectively raise nearly $1,000 for Global Dental Relief and its mission to provide free dental care to children all over the world!!

Like what?? We did that ^^^ guys! *Happy Dance*

And a little too for making this girl here just the happiest. 

&& Big thank you to those who couldn’t contribute directly but still encouraged + supported me along the way and shared Helping Hands with their loved ones to get the word out!

I’m still taking reservations if you’d like to be part of this small but impactful circle of ahhhmazingness or know someone who does or would simply like one of these sweet embroidery hoops for themselves.

By the way, they make a lovely baby shower gift!

As always, thank you for reading and following along

with me,


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