Let’s get personal

So why this blog of mine?

My ever continuing love for all things hand-crafted led me to create this blog back in November 2016.

I’m really discovering the world is mine for exploring. Deciding to finally put all my adventures in one place was helped by the encouragement of those closest to me.

My husband, Khang, who is (mostly) always on-board with my ideas. For the ideas he’s not quite fond of, well those are the ones I get most excited about! Ha. But seriously, he’s nothing short of ahhhmazing, supporting, caring, and… let’s just throw in all the positive “-ings” of me and my crazy quirks. You’ll probably see him around the blog because I ask for his opinion on everything and if it involves moderate labor then he’s right there beside me (:

Along with him and my loving parents, I have a girl’s best company, which include my “love-me-on-good-and-bad-days” four sisters and, of course, my bestest friend in the whole wide world. I’m sure you’ll meet them along the way too if you haven’t already.

Above all, I have prayed about embarking on this new journey of blogging for awhile and God, as always, has led me where I’m meant to be.

Through this blog, I’m sharing my beautiful life with all the crafting, cooking, gardening, traveling, photographing & everything in-between adventures. If I’m able to motivate just one person reading this blog to put the phone down or walk away from the TV to create something or to take the plunge to try something new then it’ll be worth while.

On a daily basis, my mind is open and thinking about all the possibilities to create or to take part in something exciting. I hope to inspire and here is where I’d like to share it with y’all. 

Hope you decide to join the fun

with me,