Fashionwithjules: Tea dresses for the holidays

I know…I know…it’s all about velvet and two-piece dresses this year but pretty please hear me out.

Tea dresses.

They’re so darling with their flattering necklines, high waistlines, and (my favorite detail) bell-shape skirts.

I recently added a few more to my collection and decided it’d be fun to ask someone to model them so I could photograph all the lovely details I love about tea dresses.

So this is my attempt to try to convince more people to wear them. Fingers crossed that it works because nothing would delight me more than seeing more ladies walking around this holiday season in one of these dresses.

Emily is the beauty who graciously agreed to take on the challenge of letting me, a total amateur, photograph her in 50 degree weather for 3 hours. She was so so awesome during the entire shoot. 

But you see, this unexpected thing happened…

When I rushed home to edit the photos, I realized how in the heck could I talk about the dresses when it’s obvious that she is the star in pretty much all of the photos?! 

Sorry not sorry.

I completely lost focus on the dresses and it quickly turned into a portrait session. Scroll down and you’ll see what I mean.

We had some last minute changes and ended up taking photos at Frenchtown Conservation Area in Central, LA. It completely worked in our favor because not only was it a beautiful natural area, we also got a nice hike out of it. 

Adding my red scarf instantly gave that holiday cheer.

See the “bell” I was talking about? Le sigh. 

I don’t know too much about photographing, but I know the sun is my friend so we followed it the entire time. 

And we need to talk about Emily’s gorgeous sapphire engagement ring.

Jesse, her fiance, did good. So good.

I agree this photo is dark, but I’m loving her power stance so I just had to include it.

I need to mention that Emily is an exceptional teacher with Teach for America here in Baton Rouge. She also somehow finds time to give ballroom dance lessons to her students and takes weight-lifting classses at her gym.

[Insert “You can do it!” poster]

Tip-toeing was Emily’s idea and it’s probably my favorite photo of this dress.

Oh, and there goes that lovely “bell” again.

Tea dresses also bring elegance and classiness. Totally feeling that “Grace Kelly” vibe.

Yasss it has pockets! Sold yet?

Emily asked me beforehand if there were certain accessories I wanted to use and I mentioned wanting a nice brooch. She told me about this vintage brooch that belonged to her great-great-grandmother. Um yeah. I triple-checked to make sure we didn’t forget to bring it. It ties everything in so well.

Emily suddenly squealed with delight while we were walking closer to the sun because she thought there was a bridge. This is her on the run and gosh I’m so happy I took a moment to capture it. 

See what I mean? Like what is this post suppose to be about again? Dresses?

Absolutely beautiful.

So I might have miserably failed trying to convince you to wear more tea length dresses, but man did I have so much fun photographing Emily. I giggled constantly between capturing shots of her because I was so excited at what I saw on the camera screen.

I hope y’all enjoyed the photos.

For me, I shot with a DSLR camera for the first time and found a new hiking trail near Baton Rouge…so that’s success in my book. Yay for new experiences 🙂 

Special thanks to Emily for being just ahhhmazing and game for everything. Your confidence shined everywhere and helped my confidence with the camera. I hope you’re able to look back at these photos and remember this very special and fun time in your life. Enjoy the blissfulness of being engaged to your soon-to-be-husband. I’m so excited to see y’all get married.

And shout-out to my brother-in-law Nam for letting me experiment with your camera.

Thanks for reading and following along,

with me


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Christmas gifts 2016: Wrap it up

I finally get to share what I’m using to wrap gifts! I’ve been purposely saving these brown paper bags from the grocery store all year to do this…hopping I saved enough for all my presents. 

I really love the organic feel and simplicity of this kind of wrapping. Plus I’m recycling it just like the bag said. And since I’ve been sharing some basics on hand-lettering, I figured it’ll be fun to add that too.

For this Secret Santa gift, I lettered lyrics from the song “White Christmas” because it’s my coworker’s favorite Christmas song.

Of course, I couldn’t help myself but to buy a bouquet of greenery from the market when I saw it the other day. The florist said it should last till Christmas. So who knows, I may use it for a few other things 🙂 

Here it is all ready for my coworker to open. I’m so excited for her to see what’s inside. 

So that’s one down and 37439734 more to go. 

It was probably really ambitious of me to post five days straight, but I really enjoyed sharing something new everyday this week.

However, pretty sure it’ll be awhile till I do this again. Ha.

Thanks for reading and following along,

with me


Christmas gifts 2016: Glass-anything

By now I hope you see a trend with glass-anything for hand lettering with a paint pen. Plexiglass works too, but it might not be as forgiving. 

So there you have it…all that’s left is to wrap these little trinkets. I absolutely la la love to wrap gifts and cannot wait to share that tomorrow. It’s almost Friday y’all. Get Excited!

As always, thanks for reading and following along (especially this week)

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Christmas gifts 2016: Mr&Mrs. First Christmas

Next up is a Christmas gift that I’ve given multiple times over the years. It’s usually a hit with the couple because it contains something so special.

Inside of the ornament is the couple’s wedding invitation. This one pictured is particularly unique because it’s mine and Khang’s.

Big cheesy smile on my face right now.

I was finally able to make us one for our very first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. Pham.

This gift idea was originally assigned for Thursday’s post but I’m missing Khang a tad bit more today. He’s been away on business so I did it to cheer myself up. And it worked!

A simple yet sentimental gift that’s sure to make it on the Christmas tree for years and years to come. 


“Our first Christmas 2016”

I remember opening up the box with our wedding invitations back in April. One look and I excitedly called my sister Jill and found myself crying my eyes out. They were so beautiful. 

Jill designed our wedding invitations. She designed everything. The lettering is hers, envelope liner is hers, all of it…hers. It was a looong but fun process that was totally worth it in the end. She’s oh so talented and still to this day I can’t believe how lucky Khang and I were to have her take part in such a big way. So honored. Truly.

To see our invitation in all of its glory and many more beautiful pieces, here’s her business website OhMai! Art Creations

Isn’t it starting to feel a little more like Christmas, 

with me


Christmas gifts 2016: Hand-lettered macaroon jewelry boxes

When you really start getting comfortable and find your hand lettering “style”, you’ll soon find yourself thinking differently. You’ll think of any and every excuse to personalize an item while causally strolling through Hobby Lobby. 

A huge light bulb went off when I saw these adorably tiny macaroon jewelry boxes the other day.

This one was harder to take photos of. It says “and i will hold what’s near and dear <3”. 

I wish you could see them in person especially the gold paint ink I used for the lettering. Oh, just think of all the things you could write! Excited to finish and wrap them up in a bow for my loved ones.

Hope you stop by tomorrow to check out more gifts,

with me,