Travelwithjules: Patagonia [Day Two]

The morning of [Day Two] was cloudy with drizzling rain on-and-off.

But that didn’t stop us.

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Glacier Grey.

Pictures just don’t do justice.

Even at this distance, in person, it looked massive and majestic.

At this outlook, we saw a spot on a rock for a closer view of Glacier Grey and an iceberg.

The only things in our way were these huge rock formations that we had to climb up and down over.

First time seeing a glacier.

First time seeing a rainbow on top of a glacier.

Windyyy. . .

Rainyyy. . .

On top of these rock formations were stacks of rocks placed by other people. I guess it was a way of leaving their “mark”.

So we left ours too.

We decided to get closer to Glacier Grey so onward we went for about 4 miles to another outlook. The incline was around 1,315 feet.

I should mention my thighs were loving me during this entire trip.

The closest we got to Glacier Grey!

Perfect timing for a picnic lunch with a “glacier view”.

We headed back down to Camp Grey after lunch and getting our full of Glacier Grey.

I thought it would be boring backtracking on the same trail, but I was pleasantly surprised.

It was like a whole new trail.

I was so focused on getting to the top while hiking “up” that I didn’t really notice my surrounding.

So as we hiked “down”… it was an eye-opener.

The terrain was beautiful. So green. Kind of had that “Lord of the Rings” forest feel.

Filling up our bottle with water from one of many streams.

We purchased a brand-spanking new water micro-filter just for the trip.

Never used it. No need to. Purest of water.

Notice the haziness on top of the mountains from the cloudy weather.

View from the porch.

After a hot shower, we took a nice long nap.

View from top bunk.

I woke up and saw that the weather cleared up! 

The weather in Patagonia is extremely bipolar due to the high elevation and strong winds.

Real life example: Cloudy, sun, rain, sun, sleet, rain, and sun–all in one day.

This was the campsite area for Camp Grey! Just beautiful.

Notice the absence of “haziness” on top of the mountains compared to before. 

Timing is everything in Patagonia.

I hope y’all are enjoying our days so far.

Like I said yesterday, didn’t get too many pictures. Please feel free to ask questions if you’re wondering anything.

Thanks for reading and following along,

with me




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