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This past week my baby sister, Joy, snatched herself a husband named Ronald, who I’m proud to call my new brother. Yayyy! More on that later.

After all the (mostly) organized chaos and fun, my other sister Jill (remember I have 4) and I managed to squeeze in a mini-photoshoot the day before she flew back to San Diego.

I almost didn’t think it would happen, but was so so happy and excited when she pushed to do it. Like really happy.

She is hands down one of the strongest women in my life.

I learn so much from her even with over a thousand miles between us.

To be the first in our family to move away for college, then taking a chance to move even further away after graduation in persuit of starting her career, without immediate family nearby, Jill has experienced many hurdles in her life.

However, she overcame all those challenges and they have made her into the beautiful person she is today.

What I love most is her determination to follow her passion.

All wide-eyed, I’m her biggest fan.

I’ve wished many times in my life that she could see the beauty that I see in her.

She contains so much depth.

And I realized that’s why I was so excited to photograph her.

Her goal was to get a “few pictures for her website and maybe a professional one for LinkedIn”. . .

I had other plans.

My secret mission was to show Jill not just how beautiful she is, but the warmth and positive aura that radiates off her.

And to capture her creative process. She’s never been short on talent. Not one bit.

Right now is an exciting time in her life and I’m happy that she’ll have these photographs to look back on especially with the recent relaunch of her business Oh Mai! Art Creations (OMAC).

She ended up loving my captures of her, which is a huuuge compliment because Mai Jill Tran is not easily pleased.

Hah! I kid I kid. But no seriously.

On a side note: I really enjoy shooting portraits. But I may be biased because she is my big sister and I’m proud to call her mine.

So so proud.

We started at the Biloxi Welcome Center for “serious” portraits.

Of course, there were more silly expressions than serious ones.

Standing tall at 5’1″.

Letting loose at the Beau Rivage.

That’s not a wand in her hand in case you’re wondering.

She’s a professional calligrapher.

Not one of her favorites, but it’s mine. To me it gives off that “Bossbabe” vibe and I love it.

And just darling I might add. 
We grabbed lunch, took a nice nap, and started again in Ocean Springs, our hometown.

I caught her looking at something and then told her to picture a “naked man” on top of the building.
Boom. Y’all might think I’m weird but I was pretty obsessed with the space between Jill’s pinky finger while she was sketching.

I didn’t mention it to her. It stayed there just like that the whole time.

She was most comfortable while in her creative-state-of-mind.

It gave me lots of time to play with angling, focusing, and framing.

Again in her element. Don’t let her petite frame fool you, she has ran 7, that’s SEVEN, half-marathons and regularly goes to barre classes in SD.

Marshall Erickson has nothing on her calves.

And along with owning her own business, she also has a full-time job.

[Insert “You can do it!” poster]

Chi Mai, I’ll never stop being in total awe of you.

Thanks for being perfectly you. I love you oh-so-much my sister from the same mister.

Thanks for reading and following along,

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6 thoughts on “OMAC Bossbabe”

  1. love the photos of her, love the sentimental and poignant words to her, love both of you sisters! ❤😍

    1. Awe thanks Michelle! My sister was too kind with her words!! *blushing* She’s the best and made me look so gooood! Lol 😉

    1. Thank you so much! You’re so sweet! My sister Jules never cease to amaze me with accomplishments! 🙂

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