Spring is making me wet my plants!

Spring is here my darlings!!!

So preparation has begun.

I finally found some time this past weekend to “soak my seeds”. There might be a correct gardening term for this technique but I have no idea. Hah.

The sweet girl at Clegg’s Nursery suggested doing this when I started my fall garden. Since fall worked out well for me…I’m continuing on with the tradition except this time, I made sure to take pictures of it!

I gathered up all the small vessels we have and yes they are mostly shot glasses (judge all you want) and my measuring cups.

Here’s what I’m hoping to harvest this season:

Red bell peppers (but not really, they gave me 5 free seeds, so why not?)

Same with the tomatoes. I’ve always wished we ate more eggplant…and it just seems like a fun and pretty veggie to grow!
My favorite kind of squash: Zucchini. We eat a lot of cucumbers!Bok choi and Chinese cabbage for those stir-fry meals.
I only eat one type of “bean” and it’s green. We’re always in need of lettuce.
And of course spinach. My boys love their spinach. I let the seeds soak for about two days.

It speeds up the process of germination. It’s still so cool to see! 

Instead of planting them directly into the garden, my wonderful coworker Ms. Debbie recommended I start them in peat pots.

They are really inexpensive: 8 cents for the smaller pots and 20 cents for the larger pots.

The weather is still a little too cold especially at night, so I’ll be bringing out the peat pots every morning and bringing them back into the house at night.

I probably won’t transfer them to the garden bed till their tiny leaves start showing.

*Fingers crossed. Hard.
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