Week Two of Film

Week Two’s assignment was on “pushing” film, which I briefly mentioned on last week’s blog.

Pushing means leaving your film in the developer solution longer for more saturated colors=more contrast. It also helps with manipulating film speed so that you’re able to shoot at higher speeds.

I don’t want to cause too much confusion, but if you have more questions then please feel free to ask and I’ll try my best to explain.

My teacher, Ashley, really likes us to experiment with different types of film stock, which I love her for!

It’s great for a beginner like me who’s still trying to figure out my “style”.

What I love about film is the variety of “stock” available. Stock is the term used for the different “types” of film. I think. Ha.

Below are two photos:

Same location at the same time of day. Processed by the same lab. No edits.

Only difference? Stock.

Stocks like Fuji400 have soft dreamy greens and reds or Portra400 have yellow undertones so they give lovely warmth in photos.

Stock can be chosen depending on the weather, subject(s), color of clothing, etc. . . you’re choosing your “look” even before you shoot your first roll.

Careful thoughtfulness goes into shooting with film before you even click the button.

Sounds complicated? At first it did for me, but I’m learning to appreciate it.

Honestly, I’ve been lacking confidence in shooting with Hans because there’s that fear of NOT knowing what your image looks like right away.

So I’m making a huge announcement at the top of my lungs, “I’m only shooting film from here on forward!!!”

It’s the direction I want to go and I won’t get better if I keep going back to “comfort”, which is the Nikon.

Here are some of my favorite shots from Week Two-as much as I love shooting random things, I’m ready to start shooting people. I have a few photo-shoots lined up with some awesome people that I’m really excited about within the next few weeks.

Khang also recently came back from a 3-week long work trip so you already know what’s going to happen within the next few days.

Meet Georgie, my first “big-girl” purchase after graduating. He’s turning four this November. 

I had a graduation session lined-up waaaaay before I bought Hans, but these ladies were cool enough to let me practice on them with film.

If I’m honest, I regret not using Hans more during their shoot. The girls were unsure about not being able to see the photos right away with the Nikon. I was too, so I kept Hans mostly hidden away. Urgh.

So yeahs, slowly building more confidence with Hans and myself. 

Week Three’s assignment was super cool, but I’m so nervous about my film because there’s a very high chance none of them came out good.

But hey, you gotta fall sometimes right?

Thanks for reading and following along,

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