Perfect timing

Some of you may have been wondering why I’m no longer on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Or maybe you didn’t even notice at all. Hah! 

There are many reasons, but the main ones are allowing myself to fully be in the moment with loved ones as well as myself and giving myself more time to focus on writing. 

Writing has always been so therapeutic to me. I feel like social media encourages brief descriptions on life events and in return, it really takes away from feeling every emotion and thought at that moment in time, which is often a celebration of life’s most precious moments.

In my opinion, it takes away more than it gives. And I’ve grown tired of things being taken away from me.

I’m giving myself more.


I’m officially a part-time employee after asking my boss to transition due to overstressing and uncontrollable anxiety from working in people’s mouths during this pandemic. 

It was a hard decision, but an easy process once I realized my mental and physical health matters the most. Of course, Khang has been my #1 support. 

All of this took about 3 weeks to finally happen. Coincidentally enough, my last full-time work week ended with a 10-day vacation (planned 7 weeks in advance) back in my hometown of Ocean Springs, MS. 

A lot happened and I treasured every moment home with our families. I’ll share more later, but I’ll start with our first day of vacation. 

God’s timing is always perfect. 

It started off on such a wonderful note and in the sweetest way possible. 

With a surprise proposal. 

But not just any proposal. It was with Khang’s first cousin and his long-time love. 

I still remember the night he first showed me a picture of her. It was dark, but I remember hearing the excitement in his voice as he was telling me about her. 

Y’all, she had absolutely no idea it was going to happen. She had no idea that Khang and I were staying just 1 mile away from their hotel. 

She had no idea of all that was being plotted:

Khang knowing their exact location on Google maps at all times,

Us parking far far away so she wouldn’t recognize his car,

Us hiking 30 minutes prior so we could pin drop the exact location where it would all go down,

Khang texting him that he totally hiked passed us and to turn back around, 

Me squatting for 20 minutes behind some thorny bushes so she wouldn’t recognize me (totally worked because she thought I was some crazy Asian lady bird-watching),

And best of all,

her not knowing she would be hiking up a mountain as a girlfriend and back down as his fiance. 

It’s always been a dream of mine to capture a proposal. I’m so happy it was these two. 

Correction: This family of four!


Honored to be part of the beginning of their commitment to fuuurever.

Eeeeeek! Welcome to the family (even though it feels like you’ve been part of it for so long already)! We are so happy for y’all!

 Hope y’all enjoy these photos as much as I do. I mean it’s impossible, but you can still try. 

 Thank you for reading and following along 

with me,


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