Khangology: Fourth Edition

*Ask him a question*

Not now Julie, I’m trying to watch an educational video.

I love you with all my heart.

 No wait, with all my cells.

Me: Khang, wake up…

Khang: Not now, Jet Li is teaching me the 16 points of contact.

Every morning and every night…I tell myself how happy I am to have you in my life.

*While folding clothes*

These are the “heartbroken socks”…they lost their partner.

*While laying in bed*

Khang: Let me get your foot, baby. 

Me: Why? 

Khang: That’s my way of “holding” you.

Me: You don’t write me poems anymore like you used to.

Khang: I still do. It’s called “gestural poetry”.


L: Auntie Uyen? 

Me: Yes, Nephew L. 

L: Your name sounds like “Win”.

Me: Exactly.

Me: I need privacy. Auntie is going to change her clothes.Please don’t open the door(no locks). 

L: What is privacy? 

Me: I need to be by myself.

L: For boobies?

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