Embroidered Love Story: Hana + Noel

Hello there.

I know I know…it’s been over TWO YEARS. I have so much to share but first…

I’m very excited to finally reveal this special wedding gift my sister, Jill commissioned me to do for her best friend, Hana and her husband Noel!

I started in late Summer of 2019.

Then the pandemic hit. Their wedding was postponed. Twice. But finally finally rescheduled for Spring of 2022.

But I’m a firm believer that God works in mysterious ways. I took a long hiatus and stopped with the letter “J”. As destiny would have it, Hana and Noel welcomed their first child in Fall of 2021!

A sweet baby boy whose first name starts with “L”. So of course, I incorporated a “baby carriage” into their gift. Absolutely perfect. 

After the completion of each letter, I fell in love with it more and more. It was bittersweet letting it go but it warms my little heart that it’s getting even more love and care at its forever home in Ireland.

Here’s the legend:

A = Architects-Beo Glas Designs

B = Baking-Daisy The Stand mixer 

C = Cabra Castle (location of wedding)

D = Disney

E= Engagement ring

F= Gaelic Futbol

G = Greece

H = Harry Potter

I = Ireland/clover 4-leaf

J=Jillybean (Jill’s nickname)

K=Key Lime Pie (Hana’s favorite dessert)

L = Baby L

M = Monaghan, Casteblaney (Noel’s hometown)

N=New Mexico

O= Oak Tree with Spanish Moss (Ode to Savannah, GA where Hana went to college)

P =”Penny” (Hana’s pet cat)

Q= Queens University in Belfast

R= “Rusty” The Bike (Noel’s childhood bike and still working to this day)

S = Sunset at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego

T= Teatime

U=University College Dublin

V= Victorian Sponge Cake (Noel’s favorite dessert)

W= Wales(Cardiff)

X= Xtra xoxo (hugs + kisses)


Z=Zunzi’s Restaurant in Savannah, GA

Here it is all framed and ready to be wrapped and opened!

Shout out to Stitch Life Studio for the lovely handmade wooden frames.

Jill has given me updates on Hana’s life throughout the years since they met at Savannah School of Art and Design (SCAD) of their sophomore year in 2005. I’ve only personally met her maybe twice but always enjoyed hearing about her.

In the past 8 or so years it’s been exciting to hear about how she picked up her whole life in the US to follow her dreams of moving to Ireland to pursue her Master’s Degree and met the love of her life.

I’m a firm believer that when you follow your heart and open your life to the unknown, then you allow little bits of magic in.

Their journey together thus far already shines so much with that magic and to me it’s pretty evident through their embroidery hoop…their beautiful love story!

Jill also asked me to take a side by side photo of their hoop with hers. Love!

And here’s the sweet little family of 3 with their hoop.

I was very happy (and surprised) to hear from Jill that Hana and Noel were reeeally excited to receive their hoop…they were actually sorta nervous about not receiving it since their wedding was postponed for so long. There was never a doubt in my mind they would eventually get it!

Thank you thank youuu for giving me an awesome reason and purpose to pick up my needle and thread to design this one-of-a-kind gift. I will always cherish my time making it.

Cheers to you both from me, Jules.

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